Awakened Soul Healing

Over the years working as a marriage and family therapist I saw the correlation between significant emotional trauma and physical disease.  That inspired me to pursue my energy healing and intuitive spiritual counseling practice.

We are each of us angels with only one wing,
and we can only fly by embracing one another.

~ Luciano De Crescenzo ~


Since then I’ve been studying, training and practicing the following healing modalities: Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Divine Intervention , Reiki Energy Healing and Complementary Cancer treatment support.

I’m a facilitator for self-healing. People come for releasing the energy of emotional trauma, relationships, conventional medicine treatments support, pain management, letting go of the energy of cancer and life purpose. People also want to improve their health, vitality and emotional wellbeing, clear stagnant energy and blockages to growth and fulfillment, being in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

My Experience on Healing

Along the way I have discovered the tremendous joy that comes from being able to assist others on their own healing journey. It’s a great privilege to be entrusted with what clients share about themselves and to facilitate their healing process. I am continually touched by the courage and spirit of people in the face of their challenges in their quest for healing, happiness and wholeness.

People also enjoy energy healing for peak performance in all areas of their lives, deep relaxation, stress and anxiety release, broken hearts healing, get clarity on life and relationships improvement.



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