About Nicola

Awakened Soul Healing (ASH)

Nicola-IMG_2678-1ASH (acronym) is very meaningful for me. The dictionary defines ashes as “the grayish-white to black powdery residue left when something is burned in the symbolic fire from source.”

What this means to me is, I will be taking you through a healing process where your energetic and emotional blockages are dissolved. Within the emotional purification process a healing can take place, realignment in mind, body and spirit.  Ashes are the symbol of new life.  I am here to support your healing and facilitating the best you can be.

I’m so passionate helping others on their healing journey with love, light and compassion.

My professional accomplishments include a BA in psychology with minor in sociology, MA in psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. I’m a Divine Intervention practitioner, a Reiki Master and ordained Interfaith Minister. My background includes 11 years of marriage and family counseling.

My Healing Journey

My journey with energy healing began with a profound Akashic-Energy Healing experience. That led me to a spiritual-healing retreat in Hawaii in which I had a deep physical and emotional healing. Because of those experiences I decided to study Reiki to deepen my knowledge in energy healing.

I traveled to Brazil to receive healing from the worldwide renowned spiritual healer John of God. It was the most profound spiritual and energy healing experience I had.

Later on I studied an ancient Mayan energy healing technique called Divine Intervention. This intensive training combines modern psychological practices with ancient healing.

The changes in my life and the shifts I felt as I delved deeper into my own healing were enough to make me want to assist other people on their healing journeys.

If you are interested on the wellness of your body, mind and spirit, or take your physical, emotional and spiritual health to the next level, these modalities are a powerful means of healing and transformation.

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