Divine Intervention- In office or Long Distance

Divine Intervention energy is a powerful healing modality Nicola learned from Master Healers dating over a thousand years old. This ancient Mayan healing technique comes from the “Curanderos” of Mexican shamans.  Nicola is a Minister and teacher of Divine Intervention healing.

Nicola has studied from several Master teachers including Master Healer Starr Fuentes. Nicola has dedicated herself to studying this healing technique, in order to bring the ancient wisdom of energy healing modalities combined with the modern day world.  She is very passionate about bringing the dis-ease within the physical body back into harmony and balance. This technique seeks out the emotions and original cause of the imbalance, thus being able to release the energies of the dis-ease.

Divine Intervention energies call upon (God, Buddha, Higher Power) to work through her as an instrument. Nicola channels the energies, raising the vibration of Source, by using specific dimensions and emanating a precise hertz frequency. This healing process reaches the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Nicola works specifically with light and energy supporting new harmonious ways of re-balancing the body.

Divine Intervention healing can be done in Nicola’s office or long distance in the comfort of your home.  Nicola will request a recent photo and other relevant information prior to the healing session.  She may have a brief conversation with you about the healing request and then she will proceed with sending the healing energies.  A photo is not necessary to complete the healing.

People have experienced everything from a subtle shifts, changes in energy, to feeling a presence in the room, or as if touching your body, to a gentle vibration, and/or complete and total relaxation, with pains dissipating.  All that is required is that you are in a quiet, comfortable space without any disturbances.

Nicola’s extensive training and work with the higher realms has successfully witnessed miracles happen instantly, spontaneous remission, supporting the healing of chronic illnesses, pain, neurological imbalances, physical and emotional trauma.

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