John of God Crystal Bed

The crystal bed is made out of 7 very high energy- Vogel cut quartz crystals, taken from the Abadiania Brazil where Casa de Dom Inacio is located.

The “idea” of the crystal bed energy bath was channeled through John of God by Healing Entities. It was developed for practical healing purposes and incorporated as an important healing modality in the Casa.

There are many John of God Crystal Beds throughout the world. Because of the remarkable energy healing results people experiment every day, the popularity of this modern healing modality has spread by word of mouth worldwide.

Each of the 7 crystals has a color that matches the chakras color. They emit intelligent healing energy to the person’s body laying under them.

What we experience in our practice is that when we ask the client to make an intention, the energy goes exactly where they made the intention.

Sessions with the crystal bed range from 20 to 60 minute maximum, depending on the condition and strength of the person. Any visitor at the Casa can receive sessions on the Crystal Healing Bed.


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