“Nicola is amazing. Never have I worked with someone with such a warm and endearing personality. She is so in touch and “in tune” with me, my emotions, and guides, she is truly a gift for healing my soul. I refer her to as many friends as will listen. She is the exact thing you are looking for in a world that rarely engages in spirituality or emotional healing in an effective meaningful way. xoxo”

~ R.F.

“I can tell you Nicola is so warm and kind that you know right away you are in the presence of a very special person, even before she begins her work.  I first came to Nicola about a year ago when I was battling a back problem.  I was in so much pain that any movement was difficult for me. Within 24 hours of Nicola’s healing, the pain was gone and I was moving easily again.   Since my first session, I have returned to Nicola several times for other issues and I can say she always knows what the problem seems to be before I even tell her.  Every time l leave feeling so much better.  Nicola is a wonderful healer.”

~ W.R.

“Hi Nicola,

Thank you so much for the session on Friday. It was really transformative and has given me a lot to try to integrate into my life in the near future. I really appreciate your help and wanted to send a note of gratitude.”

~ J.G

“I have known Nicola for many years, experiencing her loving nature and her intuitive wisdom-filled advice and insights when I have needed healing. Her healing sessions are very powerful, her hands emitting a heat and intensity of energy that is beyond anything I have ever experienced before.  Most notably, the higher energies that she accesses and brings forth result in very effective and powerful healing, as I have experienced in my sessions with her. I know that these powerhouse healings can only occur when the healer has a clear intuitive “sight” and is a clear channel for the higher energies to come forth. Nicola has these gifts as well as the gift of imparting insightful, compassionate wisdom.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to heal and walk the path of becoming whole again.

Thank you and bless you, Nicola.”

~ N.B.

“Hi Nicola,

Thank you for your help and guidance. I had a lot of fun, and have already started practicing becoming more aware of energy and energetic exchange between people. Thank you for the tools and strategies you provided.”

~ J.G.

“Nicola had helped me heal from back pain on several occasions doing Reiki, Divine Intervention and distance energy healing.

The first time I developed a lower back pain when I changed the battery of my car and something went off on my lower back. Pain started the next day and my inversion table did not helped in getting any improvement, even though it adjusted my lower back. After 7 days of pain I went to see Nicola for healing.

After her first session, the pain was reduced about 40%. A week later I received my second session and pain was reduced another 40%! On my third session another week later, the pain was totally gone!

On another occasion I felt a lower back pain like a belt around my waist. I was waking at night whenever I turned around on bed because of the pain. She was in Brazil seeing John of God and I was in the US. I asked to send me a distance session and she told me she’ll do it the next day when she arrived in Brasilia. That night I woke up to turn around and I didn’t feel pain. I turned to the other side and no pain!  Then I started feeling the tingling energy in my whole body. I looked at the clock and was 3:00 am. Two weeks I asked Nicola at what time she did the distance session and she said 8:00 am in Brazil; that was the time I woke up with no pain, feeling the energy tingling. It was amazing!”

~ C.C.

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