“Nicola is amazing. Never have I worked with someone with such a warm and endearing personality. She is so in touch and “in tune” with me, my emotions, and guides, she is truly a gift for healing my soul. I refer her to as many friends as will listen. She is the exact thing you are looking for in a world that rarely engages in spirituality or emotional healing in an effective meaningful way. xoxo”

~ R.F.

“I can tell you Nicola is so warm and kind that you know right away you are in the presence of a very special person, even before she begins her work.  I first came to Nicola about a year ago when I was battling a back problem.  I was in so much pain that any movement was difficult for me. Within 24 hours of Nicola’s healing, the pain was gone and I was moving easily again.   Since my first session, I have returned to Nicola several times for other issues and I can say she always knows what the problem seems to be before I even tell her.  Every time l leave feeling so much better.  Nicola is a wonderful healer.”

~ W.R.

“I have known Nicola for many years, experiencing her loving nature and her intuitive wisdom-filled advice and insights when I have needed healing. Her healing sessions are very powerful, her hands emitting a heat and intensity of energy that is beyond anything I have ever experienced before.  Most notably, the higher energies that she accesses and brings forth result in very effective and powerful healing, as I have experienced in my sessions with her. I know that these powerhouse healings can only occur when the healer has a clear intuitive “sight” and is a clear channel for the higher energies to come forth. Nicola has these gifts as well as the gift of imparting insightful, compassionate wisdom.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to heal and walk the path of becoming whole again.

Thank you and bless you, Nicola.”

~ N.B.

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